Why join us?

Enderlist is a Minecraft server list which is rapidly growing day by day. Our site itself is a directory of Minecraft servers, users can use our website to find cool and new Minecraft servers to play on. Adding your server to the website will enable you to the growing exposure our website gets.

As we are rapidly growing it would be wise to get in on the action right now, getting in now means that it’s not as hard to get to the top page. Being on the top page means all of the voters and new joiners will see your website.

We pride ourselves on good customer support and have a twitter where you can tweet us any issues or problems you may come across. (Right now if you report a bug, you will receive 30 free votes)

We are working with large networks and other partners to improve our search engine rank. We are working on SEO every single day. This will bring direct traffic to our website when people search terms such as “Minecraft servers” or “mc servers”.

We are always working on ways to improve our site as well as make it more user friendly. We value your opinion so you can tweet us at @EnderlistOrg or Email us at [email protected]