Terms of Service

Enderlist.org offers a service that allows for servers to be placed on the front page of Enderlist.org as "Sponsored Servers" based on a monthly auction. Every month there is a bidding period for servers to obtain the sponsored spots. The winning bidders are placed on the top of the website until the end of the next bidding cycle.


You may place a bid, change your bid amount or cancel it at any time during of the bidding period. We reserve the right to cancel any bid with or without any reason even after the bidding period.


If you have a winning bid when the auction closes you agree to pay the full amount within 48 hours of the auction ending. You may also have the opportunity to pay if another server fails to do so (or is deleted) and your bid would have been winning as a result.
You will be sent a PayPal invoice to your registered email address upon auction close. Failure of Payment Failing to pay for your bid by the deadline or any chargeback occurring after will result in the removal of your sponsored slot and termination of your server account. It is in our discretion if we determine to restore the privilege of being able to participate after such incident.


Sponsored server slots are non-refundable and are provided "as-is" with no guarantee included.